kvSonata -

  • kvSonata¬†is a scalable solution for real-time object detection and tracking (ODT) for retail, security and smart cities

  • Deployable to the edge, fog, or cloud

  • Common software stack

  • Many-sensor support and multi-sensor integration

  • Scalable from small security application to large smart city

  • Efficient container-based architecture

  • Real-time stream processing with web-based visualization

  • AI-powered real-time analytics


Intelligent Object Detection and Spatial Tracking

Real-Time Video Collection, Processing, and Learning

AI Integration

Intelligent object detection, recognition and spatial tracking using AI-powered processing


Processing can scale to support large number of sensor streams or mixed sensor inputs

Multiple Sensors

Supports multiple real-time video streams and mixed resolutions and frame rates


Supports all the sensor types, formats and streams for your intelligent application

Accurate Counting and Analytics

Object counting with high fidelity analytics related to speed, acceleration, direction, and behavior

Hazard Detection and Alerting

Detects hazards such as stopped vehicles in roadways, industrial work zones, activity and more

Intelligent Tracking

Patented high accuracy spatial tracking for situational awareness and contextual analytics

Weapons and Threat Detection

Real-time threat detection and behavior tracking with alerting