kvSonata -

  • kvSonata¬†is a scalable solution for real-time traffic and pedestrian analytics for smart cities and security

  • Deployable to the edge, fog, or cloud

  • Common software stack

  • Many-sensor support and multi-sensor integration

  • Scalable from small security application to large smart city

  • Efficient container-based architecture

  • Real-time stream processing with web-based visualization

  • AI-powered real-time analytics


Intelligent Traffic Analytics at the Edge

Real-Time Sensor Collection, Processing, and Learning

AI Integration

Intelligent object detection, recognition and tracking using AI-powered processing


Collection and processing can scale to support sensors from a single intersection to an entire region

Mixed Sensors

Supports multiple real-time mixed-sensor data sources


Supports all the sensor types, formats and streams for your AI city or campus

Speed and Direction

High fidelity object tracking in lat/lon for contextual analytics

Hazard Detection

Detects stopped vehicles and hazards in roadways


Open air parking management using single or multiple camera sensors

Traffic Analytics

Counting and statistics from traffic