• kvPrelude is a software plugin for kvSonata providing capabilities for RF and IoT data acquisition and real-time AI processing

  • Efficient container-based architecture

  • Common AI frameworks and X-Midas support and integration

  • Scalable across multiple receivers or data streams

  • Quickly prototype, test and deploy capabilities

  • Support for mixed data types and sample rates

  • Real-time AI processing and algorithm customization

  • Solutions for spectrum monitoring, signal analysis, and anomaly detection

Real-Time AI Processing for IoT and RF

A solution for real-time signals analysis

Machine Learning Integration

Integrate real-time, ML-driven analytics to your existing networks and systems


Scalable framework for real-time sensor data capture and processing


Supports multiple sensors/receivers without extra latency and complexity


An easy-to-use framework for collecting, processing and streaming analytics

Signal Detection & Classification

Anomaly detection and predictive analytics for wireless and wireline signals

Spectrum Monitoring

Real-time solutions for spectrum monitoring, detection, tracking and analytics


Real-time AI processing and automation for industrial and IoT signals

Security and Defense

Intelligent spectrum analysis, detection, and multi-sensor processing for defense applications