• kvMotif is a dynamically-scalable software platform for real-time multi-sensor data acquisition and processing

  • Efficient container-based architecture

  • Provides intelligent processing at the edge, fog or cloud

  • Common framework to develop and deploy applications

  • Multi-sensor/mixed-sensor data types and sample rates

  • Processing can span multiple virtual machines and nodes

  • Real-time stream processing with web-based visualization

  • Connects AI to the physical world! 

Real-Time Multi-Sensor Data Platform

A dynamically-scalable software platform for real-time data acquisition and processing.

AI Integration

Integrate real-time AI solutions into your systems


Dynamically Scalable – drop in new processing modules at runtime without disrupting data flow

Mixed Sensors

Scales to multiple sensor types without adding latency and complexity to your system


A full-stack solution for collecting, processing and streaming analytics


Solutions for wireless and cable/telco providers

Smart Cities

Real-time solutions for traffic analytics, prediction and parking

Industrial IoT

Reliable, secure, real-time analytics and rapid development for industrial applications

Security and Defense

Threat detection and contextual analytics for multi-sensor security systems