KickView provides intelligent sensor processing solutions for Defense and Space applications.
We automate the process of extracting intelligence from multi-sensor data.

Technology Solutions

Intelligent Full Motion Video (FMV) and Multi-Sensor Fusion

Radio Frequency (RF) Signal Processing & Machine Learning

News & Updates

Real-Time AI for IR Sensors

KickView has completed a project to research and develop real-time AI algorithms for object detection and face recognition using MWIR and LWIR video camera sensors.

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Advanced Radio Frequency (RF) Signal Processing and Machine Learning

KickView is working with a US government customer on a multi-year effort to develop advanced signal processing and machine learning capabilities for RF signal detection, estimation and classification. This project [...]

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Intelligent Vehicle Detection and Tracking Using AI

KickView has developed intelligent object detection, recognition and tracking applications based on deep learning and advanced tracking and multi-sensor fusion.  Applications and solutions can quickly be configured using the KVSonata [...]

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kvSonata Real-Time Video and Multi-Sensor AI Framework

KickView has developed a easy-to-use framework for rapid development and deployment of real-time video and sensor processing. kvSonata is a game-changing tool that allows quick deployment of real-time AI workflows [...]

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KickView Awarded DHS Multi-Sensor AI Contract

KickView was awarded an AI project to apply their intelligent real-time video and multi-sensor analytics technology in support of security and efficiency at US airports. See the DHS announcement here. [...]

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Emitter Geolocation using Deep Learning

KickView has been awarded a contract with the US Government to research and innovate methods for applying AI to emitter geolocation. The effort will build on previous research contracts and [...]

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AI for Intelligent Blind Modulation Recognition

KickView was awarded a contract with the US Government to research and develop AI-based blind modulation recognition algorithms. This research enables faster methods for recognizing and mitigating radio frequency signal [...]

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KickView awarded Deep Learning Multi-Sensor Fusion Research Project for Air Force Research Labs

KickView was awarded a AI research contract with the AFRL to explore and develop multi-sensor processing methods using Deep Learning (DL). The contract is part of the Small Business Technology [...]

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